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Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Residences’ Enhanced Service Coordinators work to proactively engage all residents to learn about their health and wellness needs. They interview the residents using Care Guide, an online documentation tool that screens residents for risk factors.
As Enhanced Service Coordinators learn more about their residents, they become better equipped to anticipate difficulties. They can proactively help residents to self-manage chronic diseases, link them to services and monitor the services provided. They plan interventions that have the best outcomes for specific residents and for the building population as a whole. Enhanced Service Coordinators also are frequently involved in identifying preferred providers and fostering a social support network for the residents.
The goal is to engage the residents in their own wellness and connect them to services when needed so they can remain home for life.
For further information about Enhanced Service Coordination, contact your Village Administrator:

Melissa Riesterer, Administrator
Call: (586) 790-4500

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