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Need a little bit of help? Your Service Coordinator strives to help you enjoy your life at home, and will reach out to you occasionally to better understand your needs. You can also ask them for help with any of the following:

senior couple photoNavigating Health Care Systems

  • Provide assistance with prescription drug benefit plans (for example, help you find low-cost prescription medications).
  • Arrange for home health aide or needed nursing services.
  • Coordinate “wellness clinics” where health care providers offer free blood pressure screenings, cholesterol tests and other health tests.
  • Help you read and understand your Medicare or Medicaid bills/statements.
  • Arrange physician appointments and transportation.
  • If you are admitted to the hospital, your service coordinator can work with hospital discharge planners to make sure your transition home runs smoothly.
  • Arrange for home medical equipment delivery and set up.
  • Assist you in completing emergency medical information forms for paramedics’ use in case of an emergency.

service coordinator photoLegal Issues

  • Assist you in completing forms or obtaining necessary information regarding living wills or advance directives.
  • Assist you in reviewing your Social Security earnings statements.
  • Assist you in reviewing death or survivor’s benefits or making funeral arrangements for a loved one.

Educational & Emotional Support

  • Provide monthly presentations on topics related to living wills, telemarketing fraud, home health providers, computer training, companion programs, etc.
  • Connect you with other educational and recreational programs in your community.
  • Work with libraries to have books and other resources delivered on a routine basis.
  • Coordinate senior companion programs, or “buddy” programs for safety and/or crime watch services (such as the emerging “Positive Loitering” program).
  • Connect you with grief and loss counseling services.
  • Assist with establishing on-going church services and spiritual programs.
  • Provide mediation assistance.

home help photoHomemaker Assistance

  • Assist with finding and arranging homemaker assistance (cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc.).
  • Arrange for grocery shopping services.
  • Arrange for Meals-On-Wheels or other food preparation services.
  • Arrange transportation for shopping or other needs.

Your Service Coordinator strives to help residents enjoy life at home. They will reach out to you from time to time to better understand your situation and needs. You may reach out to them as well and they will be happy to help.

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