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Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM) has an Ethics Advisory Committee committed to ensuring that all aspects of ethical concerns are heard, valued and considered. The committee is composed of board members from the villages, staff, residents and family members and community representitives.

Within all fields of aging and health, individuals, health care workers and family members will face difficult moral decisions. There is assistance when questions, conflicts, and moral dilemmas involving the care of residents need to be addressed.

When an ethical conflict or question cannot be resolved, residents, family members, board members and/or employees are invited to contact the Ethics Advisory Committee for assistance. The committee will help identify the factors involved and will provide any existing policies or ethical standards which may apply. Options will then be developed for solving the problem, exploring their advantages and disadvantages.

We want you to be aware of the committee’s availability as a resource whenever you have the need for broader discussion or advice regarding any matter of ethical importance.

The Ethics Advisory Committee will provide reflection on the dilemma, and may offer perspectives, options and recommendations. The committee does not make binding decisions. Staff, residents and/or family members affected by or considering an ethical concern are welcome to attend these committee discussions. The committee is not a substitute for the resident/family/physician relationship of traditional clinical decision makers.

The Ethics Advisory Committee also helps develop policies which reflect high ethical standards for the Presbyterian Villages of Michigan and the community.

You may contact the PVM Ethics Advisory Committee at:
25200 Telegraph Road, Suite 400
Southfield, MI 48033-7496

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan Ethics Consultation Request

The Ethics Advisory Committee is an advisory committee only. All information submitted to the committee will be kept confidential and follow all applicable laws and Presbyterian Villages of Michigan privacy policies.