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PVM is pleased to share presentations by national experts from our recent Leadership Advance session. We continue to seek out best practices for innovation and put them into practice.

You can watch the whole playlist on our YouTube channel by clicking here, or view the videos embedded below:


Leadership Advance: Conference Opening



Leadership Advance: U of M Flint Doctoral Students Residing at Court Street



Leadership Advance: Open Discussion on Generative Thought Starting Questions



PVM Leadership Advance Strategic Planning Session 9/16/22



Dr. Graddy – Comprehensive Care (excerpt from presentation)



Dr. Graddy – Home and Community Based Services (Full presentation)



Dr. Upali Nanda – CADRE Pilot Study



Erica Thrash-Sall at PVM Leadership Advance 2022



Senior Companion Program with Kesha Akridge



Covid Lessons Learned with Katrina and Michele



Board Self Assessment with Dr. Jeffries