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As I write this grief and a bit of guilt have inspired. Recently a long-time friend treated a group of us who have worked together over many years on senior issues. We were all looking forward to seeing each other in person. At the last minute she said she would not be able to join us since she was not feeling well. One person in the group had stopped at her house on the way to see if she and her husband could pick up our host and take her to the lunch. She said she was just not up to it. When the bill came we found out that she had treated us all to the lunch.

I had planned to send her flowers as a Thank You and to brighten her day but got caught up with myriad To Do’s and had not yet done so. I decided I would send the flowers for July 4th weekend since as a previously elected county commissioner Phylis really loved the patriotic holidays. Unfortunately I will now have to send flowers for her funeral since she passed away this past week. So from now on if I am thinking about doing something nice for someone I will DO IT NOW!