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We know coronavirus (COVID-19) is top-of-mind and people are worried, for good reason. It’s understandable as we have an increasing number of diagnosed cases every day in the state of Michigan, shelter-at-home orders, and even more business closures.

The senior living industry is better prepared than most other sectors to deal with a highly contagious virus like this one. The reason why? Most communities including Presbyterian Villages of Michigan locations have strict protocols in place to deal with influenza each year, as well as other virulent illnesses like norovirus (which causes stomach bugs).

While COVID-19 is a new and different virus, which appears to be much more serious among older adults in particular, the precautions to prevent community spread are not too different from these other highly contagious illnesses. These protocols are exercised with greater intensity/frequency during a pandemic situation like this, however. As an added precaution, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan has also prohibited all visitors at this time, since people can be infected with COVID-19 and able to spread the virus, but not show any symptoms. While this was a difficult decision for us to make, it is a wise choice put in place to help protect residents and employees.

Presbyterian Villages of Michigan is committed to make sure you stay connected to family and friends, and have the resources you need available. Remember, frequent handwashing, with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, social distancing, staying at least 6 feet apart, and staying home will help protect you, your family, friends and neighbors from contracting COVID-19. If there are any essential tasks that you need to have completed, please call the executive director or administrator at your Presbyterian Villages of Michigan location.

We will continue to post prevention efforts and updates on our site, here.

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