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Every day many more scams get reported. Once one becomes a victim the money is usually gone for good. They are very smart about finding ways to prevent recouping lost money.  The Oakland County Health Division is warning the community of a phone scam targeting older adults via a caller impersonating Oakland County Health Division employees. In these calls they are requesting a social security number and Medicare numbers for supposed billing, a Medicare breach, or to determine if the target is eligible for a knee brace. Oakland County wants to get the word out that they do not contact residents to request personal or protected information over the phone.

Furthermore, they have shared some tips to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft by:

Keep a list of phone numbers of family and friends so you know not to answer the phone if it is not one of their numbers coming across the caller ID.

Let a call go to voicemail. Scammers rarely leave messages.

Know that it is okay to hang up on the caller. Do not engage in a conversation.

Remember that government agencies send letters about important information. They do not call or e-mail.

Do not share any of your information over the phone.

You can report a scam by calling the non-emergency phone number at the local police or Sheriff’s Office. Be smart and savvy. Cheat scammers out of an opportunity to steal your hard earned money!