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Sooner or later, the Governor will relax her Stay Home, Stay Safe order and we will be able to emerge from our homes to do more than just perform essential tasks. While taking all the necessary and proper precautions, we’ll once again be able to visit with family and friends and physically gather together.

Just because we’ve been given the green light to get out and about, however, doesn’t mean we should go from “0 to 60”to make up for lost time. Keep in mind that while we’ve been sheltering in place to help “flatten the curve”, we’ve probably been less physically and mentally active. Our bodies have most likely become a little weaker and our brains perhaps a little less sharp. As they say, “use it or lose it”. When the doors finally do open, we’ll need to be mindful of these subtle yet significant changes.

Just as butterflies, after they emerge from their cocoons, first take the time to unfold and dry their wings before they fly off to experience life’s adventures, we too will need to do the same. We’ll need to move a little slower and be a bit more deliberate with our actions. We’ll need to be more in tune with our bodies paying attention to its signals, resting when we need to rest and moving when we need to move.

As we begin to get out and about and interact with our families and friends, our bodies will strengthen and our brains will sharpen. And as we do start to move about, it’s important that we remember to take it easy and take it slow. In our quest to be with others, the last thing we want is for something to happen, such as a fall that may put us right back where we started from. Confined to our homes.