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A recent special edition of Time Magazine is titled Friendship: “The Bonds That Shape Us at Every Age”. This publication further supports the notion that friendship and connecting with others is the bond that makes life sweeter no matter what stage we are in. There is documented evidence that children fair better in school if they have developed strong friendships. Often these friendships last for a lifetime.

Whether it happens at the barber or beauty shop, a religious setting, a yoga class or being with neighbors and friends at a PVM village these bonds endure and help us to celebrate or problem solve our way through life - good times and bad. Many times PVM residents have remarked that they and their fellow residents look out for each other daily; and this brings joy and comfort to their lives.

Our annual Village Victory Cup is coming up on June 21st. This is a great way to celebrate the joy of life and is also a good way to make new friends as well as bond with the ones you have now. Come join in the fun. Talk to your village staff about becoming a member of your village team. Hope to see you there!