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Recently I experienced good karma in a way which affirms my belief in caring about others. My grandma was right when she used to say: "What goes around comes around." I have witnessed this phenomena in many ways over the years. In my recent experience I was attending an annual meeting with an organization still somewhat new to me; and more than several attendees reached out to me in an intentional manner to include me and make me feel welcome. I am usually that person that notices when a fellow human being needs to be welcomed so this was a gratifying experience for me.

Bringing this concept around to PVM, residents often talk about how they and their neighbors all look out for each other. This has created a sense of community which adds to their quality of life. Unfortunately I have heard stories with the opposite script. We all have had issues to deal with and problems to conquer. The longer we have been on this earth the more we have endured as well as enjoyed. Keep that in mind and lift another person's psyche. Offering a smile and welcoming a newcomer can pay great dividends. You may meet a new lifelong friend or may need a smile yourself on any given day. "What goes around comes around."